Green–PETUSA. Environmentally friendly dinnerware.


Green PET Technology: 300°Resistant and Non Melamine Dinnerware

PET material, as well known as Polyethlene Terephihalate, is approved by FDA and commonly applied to food package and container usage in our daily life. Our PET made tableware products is the same material as PET bottle which people conveniently access for drinks but we have different features due to production process differs. Our PET material is particularly crystalized in the production process which results that polymer structure becomes solid and strong and be able to have much higher TG point temperature more than 180°C. Thus, we can apply our tableware in microwave and steam sterilization for more than 150°C usage. In addition, our PET tableware product is certified through SGS and features with Toxic Free, Melamine Free, BPA Free, Plasticizer Free, Microwave Capable, Recyclable, Steam Sterilization Capable, Non‑Fragile and Durable.

GreenPET company cares about quality and safety a lot, as well as the environmental care and recycling. That’s why GreenPET always deliver good quality and safe product to the market and be able to recycle our product after product life‑time at the same time.

Our technical team is well experienced for over 20 years in the field of PET plastics, and injection molding technology. Our target is to provide PET injection molding solutions in various application. It can be applied to injection molding for food package and containers, water purification and water filter systems, and automotivegrade and medical‑grade in which application demands for very high standard on the performance of gas‑barrier, weather fastness, heat resistance.

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